Welcome to 3S Con

Through building trusted and dedicated partnerships, 3S Con can quickly analyze an organization's goals, align them into an integrated IT strategy, and define & implement significant initiatives

Strategic Projects

3S Con can assist with or develop your technology strategy and align it with your entire organization. Through a combined technology and organizational team, 3S Con evaluates, assists with and/or develops your technology strategy to identify measurable projects, establish priorities and manage them through completion

Sourcing Projects

3S Con combines our experience working with the appropriate partners and leveraging their strengths with a quantitative project management style. By assessing the needs of our clients, 3S Con clarifies the timing, resources, and investments needed to deliver tightly managed projects

Solutions for Projects

To assure successful project implementation, 3S Con clarifies the detailed scope of each project, aligns the necessary resources at the appropriate time, while managing to an aggressive timeline. 3S Con has consistently demonstrated successful project execution enabling mid-sized organizations to align their technology needs with their fast-paced business environment